Basic tips for remaining conscious

I don’t think very often. These are some of the things I’ve tried in the past to rectify that.

Read (5) first if you’re about pass out.

  1. Treat the problem seriously.
  2. Surround yourself with conscious people. You don’t have a responsibility to stick around people who aren’t.
  3. Don’t sleep with comfort. There is a minimum level of sleep required for health, which you can find the limits of by sleeping on the floor. Throw out the bed so you’re not willing to buy a new one.
  4. Disable notifications. Almost all pings are OK to drop. Ruthlessly prune them until you’re left with what’s necessary.
  5. Pinch yourself. Bite your tongue, blink rapidly, slap your face, wash up, etc. Any trigger that resituates your awareness back to physical reality can help.
  6. Add barriers to distractions. Uninstall apps, delete your accounts, add /etc/hosts lines, work in public, use speakers over earphones, destroy your online reputation && get banned, etc.
  7. Track your diet. Odds are that there are obvious foods you should be blacklisting that are heavily correlated with mental unawareness.
  8. Ventilate. High CO2 is mentally crippling.
  9. Exercise. This one is obvious.
  10. Habitually write / speak your thoughts. You should trigger this action on yourself with randomly scheduled alarms / popups if you are unable to consistently implement it of volition. Walk outside without a network-connected device if it helps.
  11. Seek novelty. Emotional unfamiliarity kicks your brain out of auto-pilot. This has to be categorically unfamiliar; almost any action done on a chair in front of a computer does not count.

In general, you should do things that reduce the frequency and duration of fugue states, while extending periods of lucidity.