Recent ML Projects

Rebooting, again


2 months ago, I was halfway into publishing a series on my TTS project. Today, the site for that project is defunct, and no new posts have been made about it.

What happened?

Well1, I’ve been working on a lot of different projects. Some of them already exist on my Github, but only as code, without elaboration or presentation. So I’m going to dedicate the next few weeks of my time to talking about them on this space.

But before I get to writing those longer posts, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been working on:

Stable Diffusion relatedEmbeddings, Dreambooth, Hypernetworks, etc
Custom object detection modelDataset doneApplying object detection models like YOLOv* to custom made datasets
voice2img for Stable DiffusionPrototype publishedUsing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) models like Whisper to generate images by vocal commands
Copilot@homeOpen source alternative plugin for Copilot. Cancelled because a much better effort already exists
GPT-J text editor✅ in progressA webapp text editor that uses GPT-J for autocomplete

I’ve also had other ideas that I’ve yet to write any code for, like:

Better TTS modelsDisco Narrator but actually good0.01
More uses of WhisperAdding to GPT-J text editor (wasm? API?). Using as a phone appMaybe
Using YOLO at homeMostly to notify for presence of visitorsMaybe
Research thingRelated to language modelsProbably

  1. Also, my computer died. I have a blog post about it I’ve yet to publish too.