An Informal Reminder

Tapping the sign in futility

No one is immune to the consequences of an Artifical General Intelligence.

Programmers are not special. They are knowledge workers. The Pile contains everything, including an enormous amount of code. The idea that all other careers would sink to AI, while programmers would flourish, was myopic, and hopefully now sufficiently discredited.

Also, the litigation will not save you:

The Stack: 3 TB of permissively licensed source code

For reference, these are the HumanEval results for the rest of Codex:

Codex (300M)13.17%20.37%36.27%
Codex (2.5B)21.36%35.42%59.50%
Codex (12B)28.81%46.81%72.31%

ChatGPT is currently free for public use. There are known cases where it fails as a programmer. There are legitimate limitations to the current approach of throwing LLMs at everything. But regardless of their limitations, these models will look an awful lot like AGI.

Some fun examples